FREE one-day seminar on
Temperature and Pressure Calibration Basics

All you need to know about temperature and pressure calibration for better performance and confidence.

26 February 2019
Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar


28 February 2019
Hotel Jen Penang

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Key topics

Get a thorough understanding on the basics of temperature and pressure calibration.

Find out how the device-under-test is being measured or calibrated through live product demonstration

Discuss with experts and peers about your doubts and challenges on temperature and pressure process tools measurement and calibration.

Who should attend
  • Managers, engineers and technicians from Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA) departments
  • Test engineers
  • Process engineers and technicians
  • Instrumentation engineers and technicians
Seminar schedule (8.30am - 5.00pm)
08.30am Registration (Doors open at 8.00 am)
08.45am Opening Speech
09.00am Introduction to Measurement and Calibration by Dr. Faridah Hussain
This module provides participants the awareness and understanding of what a measurement and calibration system constitutes.
10.00am Tea break
10.30am Things You Need to Know About Your Temperature Sensor by Ms. Nurulaini Md Ali
This module provides participants the awareness and understanding of difference kind of temperature sensor and measurement involve for maintaining the traceability.
12.00pm Q&A
12.30pm Lunch
01.45pm The A to Z Of Pressure Metrology by Mr. Mohd Mazid Mansor
Get to know about the history of metrology, key concepts, terms, definitions, as well as pressure units and their conversions
03.00pm Tea break
03.30pm Calibration of Pressure Gauges by Mr. Mohd Mazid Mansor
General introduction, traceability, measurement principal and methods used in pressure gauge measurement.
04.30pm Q&A
Dr. Faridah Hussain
Deputy Director, Thermophysical Group, NMIM, SIRIM Berhad

Dr. Faridah Hussain is a qualified trainer in the field of measurement and calibration (of temperature and humidity) and evaluation of measurement uncertainty using ISO GUM for the past 18 years.

Mr. Mohd Mazid Mansor
Head/ Metrologist, Mechanical Group, NMIM, SIRIM Berhad

Mr. Mohd Mazid Mansor has more than 16 years of working experience in scientific, industrial and legal metrology. He specializes in Pressure Metrology and has been trained in pressure metrology field at KRISS, Korea (2005) and NMIJ, Japan (2015)

Ms. Nurulaini Md Ali
Metrologist, Resistance Thermometry Laboratory, Thermophysical Group, NMIM, SIRIM Berhad

Ms. Nurulaini Md Ali has more than 16 years of working experience in maintenance and calibration of measurement standards for Resistance Thermometry Laboratory. She provides calibration services and metrology education for accredited laboratories, government agencies and industries.

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